The Places

The Places

-Meet & Eat-
BY Karin E. Baker


The Hollywood Farmers Market Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

On May 1, the Hollywood Farmers Market will kick off its month-long 25th Anniversary celebration.  The market launched in 1991 under the guidance of former Los Angeles City Council Member Michael Woo. He envisioned a market that would be a community event for all City of Angels residents and a venue for food purveyors, California farmers and  food artisans to sell their wares. He also believed the market could give a boost to local businesses.

New interactive excursions are anything but run-of-the-mill

The word “tour” on a conference or retreat schedule often evokes other four-letter words like “dull,” “yawn” and “blah.” After hours in meeting rooms, the last thing your attendees want to do is spend time trapped aboard a van or bus listening to a guide’s summation of the local sights or history.

A far better alternative: Expeditions that engage guests as active players and offer unforgettable experiences.

Here are six of our favorites throughout California. “Tour,” as your guests will discover, doesn’t have to be a dirty word!

The Importance of Positive Site Visits

Over the summer I was given the opportunity to join the TSTS Tech Summit in Cancun. It was the first time I had travelled for work - outside of internal company trips - and the first time I had ever travelled to Mexico. In anticipation of the next TSTS event in Dallas, I’ve been reflecting on the trip, the positive experience I had, and what made the conference so successful. I’ve narrowed it down to one major thing: the attention to detail at all of our site visits.


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