The Planning

The Planning

-The Planning-
BY Janet Fullwood


4 Leading Green-Conscious Event Planners Share Strategies for Saving H2O

How I've Changed the Way I Plan Events in the Drought Era

Meeting & Event Planners Get Water Smart

The room, set for a gala, looks gorgeous: tables dressed in glittery linens, exotic fl oral centerpieces, chairs draped and sashed, multiple glasses sparkling like diamonds at every place setting.

It’s breathtaking, for sure. But if that room is located in California, there’s something very wrong with this picture.

It’s all about the drought.

Must-Have Apps for Planners

The National Conference Center, one of the largest meeting and training facilities in the country, compiled a list of the top meeting and event planning apps by combing through all those offered and chatting with industry professionals. Below are their results.

Instagram Inspiration

Just as writers experience the dreaded writer’s block, event planners, too, can get stuck in a rut. The Internet is a great place for sparking ideas, but options are limitless. How does one find inspiration with so many different things to search? Pinterest is a classic go-to, but Instagram might be the stronger choice. Instead of scrolling through an endless amount of pictures—some relevant and others completely useless—following someone you admire will give you more successful ideas you can incorporate into your events. We’ve listed a few accounts that boast exceptional ideas.

Think Spring for Your Next Goodie Bag

Event bags are always a hit with guests. And while most parties can’t live up to the standard of celebrity gift bags (This year’s Academy Award gift bags included $20,000 worth of merchandise featuring a private dinner party at Morton’s steakhouse and a pair of Beamer Video Phones), us ‘regular people’ can have just as much fun with gifts for our guests. Themed bags are a consistently good idea, and we have just the thing for your upcoming spring soiree.

Raise the Bar & Spirits at Your Next Event

The craft cocktail movement is changing the way people drink at events. There’s soaring demand for creative, quality cocktails. That demand is being met by caterers and hotel food and beverage teams who can now serve hand-crafted drinks with top-notch ingredients and presentation—without guests having to cool their heels while the mint is muddled or the lemon peel zested. Today’s most innovative bartenders or, as some prefer to be called, mixologists, have moved well beyond stirring martinis or blending margaritas.

Take an Urban LA Hike, with Stops for Googie and the Oscars

Last weekend I did an urban hike of the “Miracle Mile,” a swath of LA’s Wilshire Boulevard that’s not far from where I live. I’ve driven and walked this stretch hundreds of times, but we often overlook things in our own backyard so I decided to sign up for the cultural and architectural walking tour, a program of A + D Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles.


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