The Planning

The Planning

-The Planning-
BY Janet Fullwood


How to Create Great Wine Events

Wine events of all kinds have been steadily growing in popularity during the last decade. Since California is indisputably the most renowned wine-producing region in the United States, hosting a gathering here holds the extra appeal of introducing your meeting groups to the endless diversity of vintages right where the wines are made. 

Physical Meetings Inspire & Boost Productivity

SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING, health experts have been warning for the past few years now. Just what that means is pretty staggering. A growing body of evidence shows that sitting for hours on end day after day is bad for your heart, spine and waistline, and can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and even depression. Meanwhile, creativity and problem solving is likely to dip, too, because fresh blood and oxygen aren’t being circulated to your brain.


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