• 4 Tips for Using Social Media to Decorate Your Next Venue

    POSTED December 9, 2013
    Make an impression with social decor. 

Did you know that when 100 people post photos to Facebook at a small event of 300, it can generate more than 10,000 impressions? That’s what we at Interactive Meeting Technology, a digital event consulting company, found out when we started measuring the social impact of posting photos on Facebook at events. Imagine what 10,000 impressions could mean to your brand or cause. More donations. More money. More brand awareness.

Here are four tips to incorporate social media into the décor of your next event for successful and beautiful results:

Tip No. 1: I love me. You should love me, too.
Attendees love to see their name in lights and they love to see photos of themselves, as well. Set up social screens that show photos and/or tweets from your event. While this will feed attendees’ egos, it will also feed those social media impressions, and that’s what really counts.

Tip No. 2: Disguise the tech.
If you’re going to set up a big monitor, hide the mechanics. Some of our clients will wrap the stand with cloth that matches the environment’s décor. Others will put branding and décor on Gatorboard that frames the monitor and hides the stand. Whatever you do, look for opportunities to reduce the emphasis on the structure.

Tip No. 3: Make the digital match the décor.
Why do all Twitter Walls have to look like they came from the 1980s? Wake up and smell the 2010s-make your digital match your décor. Many companies will help you beautify your digital content so it fits your décor environment.

Tip No. 4: Make it tangible.
Did you know you can turn your Instagram photos into printed photos, magnets, pillows and more? Well, you can. One brand even used attendees’ social photos to create a collage at its event. The collage created a bigger photo of the brand’s most recent products. You don’t have to get that elaborate, but you can make your social media content tangible by making pillows, magnets or anything else you can dream up on site.

The Bottom Line
Your events are full of raving fans and passionate brand advocates. Social media, mobile devices and digital technology are changing the way we connect with content, share big ideas and organize. When you integrate social media into your events, you’ll see how using it as décor can help unleash the influential power of your attendees. And it looks cool, too!

Samuel J. Smith, the managing director of Interactive Meeting Technology, is a thought leader, speaker and award-winning innovator on event technology. Recently, Smith won the RSVP MN 2013 Vision Award for Innovation. In 2011, BizBash magazine added him to its annual event innovators list. Recently, he produced two ground-breaking research reports on hybrid and virtual events for the MPI Foundation. He runs Interactive MeetingTechnology, LLC, a company that provides consulting and digital event solutions for events. 


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