Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, Ingrid Lundquist, CSEP, has beneficial advice to share in her award-winning new book, Results-Driven Event Planning: Using Marketing Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line. A compilation of material developed for the curriculum Lundquist taught for 10 years through the marketing certificate program at the University of California, Davis, the book takes an encyclopedic look at the intricate facets of creating events that exceed client expectations. "The devil is in the details," Lundquist says, "but better the devil you know."

CAM+E’s Janet Fullwood caught up with the author in Sacramento.

CAM+E- What sets this book apart from other books on event planning?
IL- It’s about the business of designing and producing successful events. It’s a guide to building a solidly structured event plan based on the desired outcome of the client.

CAM+E- What is the most important quality a planner can bring to the table?
IL- The ability to identify the client’s hidden goals and quietly include them in the event master plan. Stated goals could be attendance or ticket sales, while unspoken goals might be the boss connecting with a particular business leader or being interviewed on a radio talk show during drive time.

CAM+E- You call measurement a "secret ingredient" to keeping clients happy. What’s your method?
IL- Clients want results from their investments. Measurement proves accomplishment. You can measure quantity, quality or even measure by the senses-and yes, you can measure "happy." The trick is to determine in advance how, what, when and where you will perform the measurements and to always select more than one tool, such as beverage tickets sold against the cup count. Add a timing increment or audience profile, and you’ve provided your client with a valuable, unexpected compound measurement.


Over these past two years we’ve all become adept at managing virtual meetings. In 2022, we have a new challenge—hybrid meetings, where some attendees are in the room and others are Zooming in from remote location. In their new book Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting (Wiley), Emmy-winning broadcaster Karin M. Reed and Joseph A. Allen, Ph.D., a leading expert on workplace meetings, offer a guide to navigating this new normal. We asked the authors about how to encourage a robust exchange of ideas during hybrid meetings.  


The perfect holiday gift is beautiful, unique and filled with wonder. Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide is all of these things and more: a travel-lover’s delight with enough offbeat facts about food to spark countless conversations at the next cocktail party or event.


Every time we power up an Internet-accessible device, we put ourselves and, if we’re on a network, everyone and everything on that network at risk. For years, experts advised us to protect ourselves by continually updating our anti-virus software. But that’s no longer enough. The “black hats,” aka hackers, are winning the game with more sophisticated ways to use and abuse our data.