• Can Your Saltshaker Do This?

    POSTED August 7, 2017

SMALT claims to be the world’s first interactive centerpiece and saltshaker. It probably is. Add in that SMALT also has built-in mood lighting and a Bluetooth speaker and there’s no doubt this is a unique product. As a centerpiece it doesn’t approach the beauty of a flower arrangement or a potted succulent. But it certainly is a conversation starter. As a “smart” dispenser, it pours out measured amounts of salt either manually or via “shake,” “pinch” or “pour” gestures using an app for IOS or Android. It can also be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, making it, the product pitch says, “the perfect tool for those monitoring their salt consumption.” Just issue the command, “Alexa, dispense half a teaspoon of salt.”

You can stream music over the Bluetooth technology and change the color of the lighting right on the device or through the app. Developed by Herb & Body, a California-based lifestyle company, SMALT is being funded by an Indiegogo Campaign, with a funding goal of $25,000.

We wish SMALT luck. While we’re not suggesting that SMALT is ready for your next banquet, it does offer a thought-provoking approach to table décor. And one that aligns with the mission of meetings and events, especially those with a wellness theme. Just listen to Herb & Body founder Bipan Singh.

“One of the most basic human needs is the need for belongingness,” he says. “For centuries, one of the ways we have fulfilled this need is by gathering around the dinner table, a place where we connect, appreciate and feel appreciated. SMALT is our effort to further enhance this experience - all with the important benefit of watching your salt intake.”

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