• Certain’s Check In Easy Announced New Event Registration Feature to Collect Digital Signatures

    POSTED November 12, 2014
A new feature was recently announced by Certain Inc., the leader in enterprise event management software, that makes the lives of meetings professionals a bit easier. Sign and Go, the new feature of Check In Easy, allows event managers to gather signatures and verify guest attendance.
“Check In Easy first revolutionized event registration, reducing registration lines and eliminating the need for paper with an easy-to-use check-in mobile app,” said Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain. “Now with Sign and Go, this value proposition has been extended to offer digital signature collection, creating the perfect solution for event managers who require guest signatures, whether for attendance verification, compliance requirements or gift pick-up. Check In Easy with new Sign and Go creates the seamless and polished first impression that is so important for events today.”
This digital feature replaces the clutter and disorganization of paper sign-in sheets at events. After the event, the check-in information can be exported in an alphabetized Excel file of all guest names, signatures, information, and registration times.
“Our team manages several continuing education conferences each year that require proof of attendance through signatures at registration,” said Lorraine Mariella of Celebrations Events and Meeting Management, LLC. “Our clients love the paperless, buttoned-up look of Check In Easy’s Sign and Go feature, and we heard countless attendees commenting on the ease of signing in.”
Check In Easy is also expanding the feature to include a survey function, which seamlessly connects demographic and attendee data at the start of an event. This means the registration team can gather information like how guests heard about the event, their industry involvement and more. ​

Doctors, nurses, grocery store employees and more were essential to sustaining the continued stay-at-home orders that helped fight the spread of COVID-19. Such workers put their health at risk for the benefit of society, and Nakoma Resort and the Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce want to recognize them for their efforts through the “Send Your Heroes” campaign.   


Due to COVID-19, non-essential travel was, or has been, banned for months. Long anticipated trips and in-person gatherings were canceled and people have adjusted to the new normal: staying at home and meeting over Zoom. However, states have been slowly lifting restrictions, and non-essential travel will soon be happening across the country again. However, some may not be as comfortable with the thought of traveling as they were before the pandemic.  


Although several cities are opening up again, many offices are still enforcing work from home policies. As they did when Stay at Home first began, plenty of organizations are still offering webinars with insights on how to tackle the new normal. Gaining new knowledge is a great way to use extra time that might have been spent on a commute. 

Here at M+E, we’ll keep the following list updated, as some webinars are live and some are pre-recorded. Please email lauren.pahmeier@tigeroak.com to add more applicable webinars to the list.