It’s always fun to see what imaginative chefs come up with to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. Most recently we can’t stop quacking about the Easter Duckies that Executive Pastry Chef Chris Ford of the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, created for the spring holiday. Made of hallowed bittersweet chocolate and presented on a wooden crate with a mallet, the ducks are designed to be cracked open to unveil the surprise treat inside: Easter-themed Jordan Almonds and caramelized chocolate truffles.

The ducks came in four options, including Fool’s Gold, Duckmoji, Playbunny and Flower Power. Priced at $90 each on the Beverly Wilshire website, and customizable, they sold out immediately.

Ford’s whimsical sweets are inspiration on how to ending a banquet on a memorable note. And while his artful pastries, often end up on Instagram, he emphasizes that they are meant to be enjoyed, not just admired. “Flavor often gets lost in beautiful desserts. For me, it’s always flavor first and appearance second.”

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