Carmel, at the southern end of the Monterey Peninsula, is an internationally known golf destination. It also offers a team-building opportunity that’s one of a kind on the West Coast.

The Land Rover Experience, based out of Quail Lodge & Golf Club in the Carmel Valley, specializes in corporate team-building excursions. Participants who get behind the wheel of a $60,000 Range Rover Sport don’t have to know a breakover angle from a pivot point to have a blast, but they’ll be very familiar with these terms and more before the two-hour session is over.

“We teach expedition-style off-road driving, and we can do anything from as little as an hour to multiple consecutive days,” says instructor Mark Curtsinger. The driving school operates on 150 acres of hilly terrain developed as an elaborate off-road obstacle course. Six miles of dirt trails climb steep, rutted hills, squeezing between trees, descending into water-filled ditches and traversing long series of bumps resembling moguls on a ski hill. Drivers learn to trust their tricked-out vehicles—and each other—through exercises like one where team members coach a blindfolded driver through the course; and smooth operator, in which teams attempt to navigate while keeping water in a cup that’s suction-cupped to the hood. There are also geocaching challenges and other exercises that foster competition, collaboration and cooperation.

Tech types especially love it. “We’ve had every household name tech company out here, many of them more than once,” says Curtsinger. Some of them even end up buying a Land Rover.

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We never outgrow the pleasure of an Easter egg hunt. That’s the thinking behind a promotion by Visit Temecula. While the city’s annual Easter egg hunt will take place on April 16 in three different locations, the visitor’s bureau promo is monthlong. Visitors, whether leisure travelers or part of a group, who book a midweek stay in Temecula Valley during the month of April might just find an Easter egg with a $50 Visa card inside under their pillow.