• Meet Brynne Frost, Destination Concepts inc.

    FROM THE Spring 2015 ISSUE

    Event producer Brynne Frost, founder and CEO of Destination Concepts inc., has built a roster of Fortune 500 clients by never saying ‘no.’

Since launching her San Diego-based company Destination Concepts inc. in 1998, Brynne Frost has produced events for scores of Fortune 500 clients. The scope of her events—as many as 20,000 attendees in spaces as large as 90,000 square feet—is sometimes daunting, but Frost says she revels in a good challenge. “It’s the unpredictable requests from clients,” she says, “that get you to push yourself creatively and logistically.”

CAM+E: How do you keep things fresh for those clients who do events every year?
BF: It’s all about keeping your eyes and ears open to what’s on-trend and then customizing it to fit the client’s goals and demographics— simple things like knowing the Pantone color of the year and incorporating it into our gala designs, or how can we incorporate the large puppets that Katy Perry used in her Super Bowl performance?

CAM+E: You say you never take “no” for an answer, and you have a reputation for making the impossible possible. Can you share some examples?
BF: Never saying “no” is how I live every day. There is always a way to get to a “yes,” always a solution that will work for the setting, venue, vendors and clients. One event involved the closing of an entire San Diego city block for a street party with only three weeks notice. Then there was planning a large sales meet- ing in Anaheim that took place at the conven- tion center—before the convention center was even finished being built. An exciting one was a reception concert for 5,000 in a downtown Los Angeles parking lot featuring two name acts and a first-ever LA fireworks show lighting up the skyline. Another was the securing of approv- al through Washington, D.C., for a VIP grand entry via a foreign fighter jet onto an active military base in San Diego. This also required finding a fighter jet to rent and getting the VIP ejection seat training!

CAM+E: Do you have a secret weapon when it comes to producing “wow” events?
BF: Focus on the client, treat your vendors as partners, and never be afraid of a challenge and pushing beyond what anyone thinks is possible. Dream it and then do it. And always remember the guests—put yourself in their shoes, see through their eyes. As you walk through the event in your mind’s eye, ask yourself, “Are you wowed? Are all of your senses engaged?”

CAM+E: What’s the next big thing in sensational events?
BF: If I tell you the next big thing, it will be over by the time this goes to print. I’m still waiting for those Jetson mobile cars that will allow guests to hover around the event! 

With a spate of large-scale LA events, including The Grammy Awards and the Critics Choice Awards, being canceled or postponed, there was growing concern that Los Angeles might bow out of hosting the Super Bowl. But city officials have announced that the game will almost certainly go on as planned at SoFi Stadium on February 13. 


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