Hot Dogs, and Italian Beef and Chocolate Cake, Oh My!

Minnesotans, get excited. The tantalizing menu at Portillo’s—Chicago’s fast casual restaurant that serves Chicago-style cuisine—will now be available in Woodbury. The restaurant will be located at 8450 Hudson Road. They are set to begin construction in the coming months and are slated for a summer 2017 opening—the perfect seasons for hot dogs, a menu favorite.

Meet Ryan Murray

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Ryan Murray was recently appointed to executive chef at the The Osprey at Beaver Creek.

1. What are you looking forward to the most in your new role with The Osprey at Beaver Creek?

How to navigate the needs of attendees with food allergies

Meeting planners across the nation have reported a significant increase in specific dietary requests in recent years, and not just for vegetarian or vegan guests. No matter what the reasons—religious beliefs, medical restrictions, concern for animal welfare or simply a desire to eat healthier—we as hospitality professionals need to understand the basic guidelines for the most prevalent requests and plan for them accordingly.

6 Standout Trends That Will Make Your Culinary Event Sizzle

Everyone’s a critic, the saying goes. Make that: Everyone’s a food critic. With competitive cooking shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef, countless foodblogs and celebrity chefs taking on rockstar status, we’ve all gotten more sophisticated about the food we’re served when we dine out. // That extends to the fare at corporate events, too. “You can’t do the traditional three course banquet that you would have done 10 years ago,” says Ed Moreno, food and beverage director for Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. “People want something new and different.

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