• New Program Helps Planners Offer Sustainable Travel Options for San Francisco Meetings

    FROM THE Spring 2019 ISSUE

Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART) Sustainable Convention Travel Program allows planners to provide eco-friendly travel options for San Francisco conventions and meetings. The program establishes a platform that facilitates the use of SFO transfers by convention staffs and attendees; the program can also help reduce staff travel costs. Most downtown San Francisco hotels are located within six blocks of a BART station (Civic Center, Powell Street, Montgomery Street and Embarcadero). The Moscone Convention Center is also a short walk from the Powell or Montgomery stations.

Here’s how BART explains its innovative new program:
The program provides planners with a unique URL link for your conference website. This link connects to the SFO Voucher Transfer product purchase page. The program creates “Sustainable Transfer” information specifically tailored to your needs that includes the URL to be prominently placed in the appropriate section of your convention website. Your attendees connect to BART from this page to purchase their BART SFO transfer. In addition, your URL allows us to track your conference’s “Sustainable Convention Travel” carbon savings. The program is easy, fast and convenient for you and your members.

Benefits include:
BART Marketing Support features custom copy that includes directions to conference hotels, a BART Downtown San Francisco Hotels map for your site, and custom copy formats to help you support and promote the use of BART transfers for the convention. The copy can be used to facilitate promotion through blast emails, Twitter or other social media.

The Custom Private BART Transfer Booking Page includes your conference logo and conference dates, plus two to three BART fare products designed to meet the transportation needs of your attendees.

“Sustainable Travel Conference” designation as a “BART Sustainable Conference” includes a report of your conference’s BART Carbon Savings/ Offsets for SFO program participants.

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