• Ritz-Carlton Hotels Offer Digital Connectivity To Some Hotel Services

    FROM THE Winter 2015 ISSUE

Everyone lives on their phones and other hand-held devices these days. To meet timepressed clients’ demands, the luxury Ritz-Carlton Hotels offer digital connectivity to some hotel services, available at all seven in California. Updated continually, the Ritz-Carlton app also features local content, shareable travel posters and the ability to make requests in real time.

On the day of arrival, guests receive a push notification that gives them an opportunity to check in via the app. A text message alerts them when the room is ready. “You can go to the front desk to collect the key (the credit card is retained in the system) so there is no need for any other formality,” explains Mark Aldridge, director of sales and marketing at Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.

At some hotels, food and beverage requests can be made digitally; the option to review bills before check-out and make housekeeping requests (turndown time, for instance) are among the functions. Event planners will appreciate the ability to request a temperature change in meeting rooms without having to leave their seat.

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