Conferences i/o: A Deeper Dive into the Winter 2017 Infographic

4 Fab Tips for Flawless Execution When Stakes are High

It takes years of fine-tuning to produce flawless events. And when the stakes are high (think big crowds, VIPs, television coverage), there’s no room for error. My method of execution has been honed through years of experience producing business-theater events for a Fortune 500 company—including one in which Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was televised live.

Here are four tips to help you plan with confidence and rest assured you will achieve precision every time.

Autumn Attitude Adjustment: Set Tough Goals!

Forget January 1st. Fall, with children trotting back to school, bracing cool winds and—yes—even in Southern California, the kaleidoscope of leaves changing colors, has always seemed the better time to set intentions. (Calling them resolutions seems like already admitting defeat.) I’ve been reading about the smart way to set goals lately. Two books have led me to look at this in a whole new light.

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